Brief Outline: The political parties and people leaving not stone unturned on accusing each other, Congress says A BJP worker was caught while taking black money of Rs 120 crore in tippanāhallī vice versa.

Ayupp Verification: Fake

Origin: Viral on social media

Viral Example:

अभी कर्नाटक में राहुल गाँधी
का नेता पकड़ा गया 20 करोड़ रूपये
के साथ जो j.d.S. को देने जा रहा था
कल पार्टी बनी और आज से हेरा फेरी शुरू

Rahul Gandhi's leader caught in Karnataka right now with 20 crores rupees. Was going to handover to J.D.S. yesterday party was made and today corruption starts.


तिप्पनाहल्ली (कर्नाटक) में 120 करोड़ रुपयों का काला धन ले जाते हुए एक भाजपा कार्यकर्ता पकड़ा गया...!!
उसने बताया कि ये पैसा कर्नाटक में होने वाले विधानसभा चुनाव में इस्तेमाल होने वाला था...
लगता है ATM से ग़ायब 2000 के सारे नोट...
भाजपा के पास ही हैं...

A BJP worker was caught while taking black money of Rs 120 crore in tippanāhallī (Karnataka)...!!
He said that this money was to be used in the assembly elections in Karnataka...
Looks like all 2000 notes from ATM...
The BJP has it..

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Detailed Analysis: Several pictures with people having abundant of cash is viral on the social media. Many people are blaming that the money belongs to the JDS leader and the Cogress I.T & Social media cell Congress, multiple’s the blame on the BJP. The image has been shared by over 47 thousand times on both this pages.

 So it is unclear that it is actually whose money if it is of Congress or the BJP?

Actually these notes are quite old and have been repeatedly used again and again in the social media. If you do a simple Google reverse image search you will easily find that this notes are old and have been used across many times.

1.The image with two policemen is from April 18, 2018, this news was published in a tamil news site, translated as Rs 120 crore smuggling in Andhra bus from Andhra Pradesh: Money in connection with sari box to avoid suspicion

A private bus carrying a private bus from Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh, was searched by the police on the state border of Karnataka. Is this money illegally distributed in Karnataka State Elections? The police are conducting a serious investigation into the angle.

The Sri Venkateswara bus service, a private bus from Andhra Pradesh, was going to Bangalore yesterday morning. The police were involved in vehicle testing in the area of ​​Tipkanahalli in Chikballapur district of Karnataka state. The police also searched the bus. The two cartons under a seat, and a stoic policeman shocked them to look for them to test. All 2,000, 500 rupees banknotes. They were stacked under saris.

In the monetary system, Around 120 crore was brought from Andhra Pradesh to Bangalore. But I do not know who came with these boxes. So the police have seized the money and prosecuted the case. The police think that because of the immediate election in the state of Karnataka, it could have been illegally distributed to the public.

ஆந்திராவிலிருந்து கர்நாடகா சென்ற தனியார் பஸ்ஸில் ரூ.120 கோடி கடத்தல்: சந்தேகம் வராமலிருக்க புடவை பெட்டியில் கட்டுக்கட்டாக பணம்

ஆந்திர மாநிலம், அனந்தபூரில் இருந்து நேற்று பெங்களூரு சென்ற ஒரு தனியார் பஸ்ஸை கர்நாடக மாநில எல்லையில் போலீஸார் சோதனையிட்டதில், கட்டுக்கட்டாக ரூ.120 கோடி பணம் இருந்தது தெரியவந்தது. நடைபெற உள்ள கர்நாடக மாநில தேர்தலில் இந்த பணம் சட்டவிரோதமாக விநியோகம் செய்ய கொண்டு செல்லப்படுகிறதா? எனும் கோணத்தில் போலீஸார் தீவிர விசாரணை மேற்கொண்டு வருகின்றனர். ஆந்திர மாநிலம், அனந்தபூரில் இருந்து நேற்று காலை ஸ்ரீ வெங்கடேஸ்வரா பஸ் சர்வீஸ் எனும் தனியார் பஸ், பெங்களூருக்கு பயணிகளை ஏற்றிக்கொண்டு சென்று கொண்டிருந்தது.

 The other image of cash in a box was earlier rumored to have come from Sasikala’s house. The same image was earlier used with caption “Tunnel found under Sasikala’s house in TN. Loads of black money and gold unearthed”, was available on social media and many WhatsApp groups. It talks about a significant amount of cash and gold that was recovered from the properties of jailed AIADMK leader VK Sasikala. Actually this as well is a fake news, The photos are from the news of a robbery in Navi Mumbai. The income tax raids were carried out on the Delhi residence of National Stock Exchange (NSE) broker Sanjay Gupta, during the ongoing searches related to OPG Group in the co-location case. Currency notes and gold was unearthed in the raids which were shared as Saskala’s ‘secret treasure’.

The tunnel was however from the robbery in Navi Mumbai where more than 30 lockers of a bank were robbed by men who entered the room by digging a tunnel from a rented shop in the same building.

I-T dept seizes Rs.11 crore cash in raids related to NSE co-location case - Times of India

Photo: TOI NEW DELHI: Income Tax officials on Friday seized Rs. 11 crore cash from the Delhi residence of National Stock Exchange ( NSE) broker Sanjay Gupta during the ongoing searches related to the OPG Group in the co-location case.


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