Rare Flower Found in Himalayas Called Omkara Flower

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This is a very rare flower found in Himalayas and is called *Omkara pushpam* due to its shape

50 साल में एक बार खिलने वाला ** ॐ कार पुष्प **
प्राकृति देन आपके दर्शनाथ
आगे भेजीये ताकि और लोग देख सके

Ayupp Analysis –  This kind of images has been revolving around the internet from couple of years. The images of the flower is real and it really looks like Om shape. Om is a spiritual word very widely used in the hindu mythology and being chanted by all hindu followers. But the truth about it as being grown in 50 years in Himalayas is fake. In fact it is not named as Omkara pushpam (flower).

Its real name is Dendrophylax lindenii and is commonly known as the ghost orchid. Read in more details about this flower on wikipedia. Also see the below video to know more about this flower-

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