Below message has been circulating on social media with regards bank closures on each Saturday –


Banks to remain closed on every Saturday order by RBI

Assertion made by – Social media and internet.

Confirmation by – FAKE

More Samples –

From 1st June 2017, all Banks will be remain closed on every Saturday.

RBI has approved for 5 days working for Bank.

Timings ​will be from
9:30 am to 5:30 pm...

Blessed Bank Employees
Less work more costs to account holders.


Ayupp Analysis-

This above news, which states that RBI has notified each Banks to be closed each Saturday is not real. There is no official communication by RBI or any of the national banks of India. Usually, when such news comes, it is official protocol of RBI to announce such news on its official website. Even the banks should inform their employees and customers regarding this. 

As per official communication from the RBI – Each bank will be working full day on first and third Saturday.

If this rule happens to be true, Government of India will have to declare holiday for all government departments. And this can lead to financial burden of country. Holidays for Saturday is a privileges used by IT companies. So, practically this not possible and hence we term it as a fake news.

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