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Viral Message: Celebrity caught alleged ghost on their dashcam during their travel to Tacloban. We were at Eastern Samar for the Sistersph School Advocacy Tour where we got stranded for two days already because of the Signal No. 2 Typhoon.

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Fact Check by Ayupp Only excitement / Not Clear /  Just Imagination

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We were at Eastern Samar for the Sistersph School Advocacy Tour where we got stranded for two days already because of the Signal No. 2 Typhoon. Dapat aalis na kami on the 14th pa lang but had to turn back because the supposed path we needed to take going to the Tacloban airport had around 6ft flood that our car couldn’t cross and yung alternative route had been covered with landslide. We had to wait it out till the evening where the rain had already stopped and the government had already cleared a bit of the road from the mud from the landslide for cars to cross.

Since this is in a far flung area. There were no street lamps and most of the area we were crossing is uninhabited. Walang mga bahay. It was just the road with small barangays in between but mostly just trees. Around 40 minutes after midnight, we saw something weird....

There was a child wearing a bluish white shirt probably around 10 years old in the middle of the road. He was in a crouching position with his arms and hands wrapping around his head to his face. We couldn’t believe it kasi from out of no where bigla na lang may bata tapos wala namang barangay or houses at all in the area. Andoon lang siya sa daanan as we crossed our car... it wasnt normal.

Napa-sigaw kami, cause not just I, but most of us in the car saw him. We wanted to stop and come back kasi hindi talaga kami maka-paniwala so we decided to check the dash camera to see if there was really a child and after checking the footage there was just a white blob-like orb figure that disappears after a few seconds.

Our volunteer driver Sir Long was telling us that it happens a lot to travellers where they see spirits that have passed away during the Bagyong Yolanda. Siguro it was a spirit of a child that passed away during the typhoon in the past, siguro.

While our staff there just told us that the area we crossed was possibly around the Brgy Omawas, Maydolong, E. Samar where a lot of weird things can be seen according sa mga matatanda.

We wanted to stop the car talaga but we were warned not stop the car at all during the trip cause the areas we were crossing is NPA infested... and hindi safe to make a stop.

But I still can’t get him out of my mind. I saw his pale white face and how his hands and arms travelled from the back to his face. I don’t know. Up until now iniisip ko pa rin. If he was really just a spirit, I hope he can find rest. If he was really a child, my conscience will forever haunt me. 😞

(Leaving the dashcam video in the comments)

Viral Message Verification:-  As the video of a celebrity Myrtle Sarrosa is viral over the social media. She believed that a white image of a kid in a crouching position is on the side of the road.

In the video, we can only see a white orb blob figure, but the celebrity said that they really saw a kid during that time.

When we cross on the road at night we see several objects on the road and each object resembles us different object we see in the day time. Often a tree will look like a animal and the leaves will look like some face at night. So it is unusual that Myrtle Sarrosa must have felt the same.

Some people also commented on the video saying “Hello Myrtle, I hope you can see my comment. I can say this is really legit, because we personally experienced it before. My uncle was driving from Manila to Eastern Samar when we saw this. Wala naman siyang damit at nakacrouch siya sa GITNA ng kalsada. Like wtf?! Talagang natakot kami! My uncle stopped beside this "element", prayed and toss some coins. Hay kinikilabutan ako habang naaalala ko yun at nagcocomment ako sayo, at least you're safe.”

Some commented on saying it might be a animal “Looks like a white animal, and even the shape, probably a dog? A light furred boar? A calf?. Probably you guys had somekind of an illusionary thing close to a pareidolia or some type of an Apophenia, due to being tired?”

We also do not believe in the saying of the video as much cannot be made out of the video.

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