Brief Outline: The Viral message claims of a Lingayath Catholic Church and warns of future Rajput Catholic Church and Dalit Catholic Church.

Ayupp Verification: Fake

Origin: Viral on Web and Social media.

Viral Example:  Today it is "Lingayath Catholic Church"?
Tomorrow it will be "Rajput CatholicChurch" or "Dalit CatholicChurch".

Hay Kannadiggas this is the extensive work done by missionaries in Karnataka wat is ‘Lingayat Catholic’ These bloddy missionaries are fooling innocent n poor hindus. N they r falling for few money.

@sushmaSwaraj hope u r not approving visas 4 these anymore.

ಇದಕ್ಕಿಂತ ದೊಡ್ಡ ವಿಪರ್ಯಾಸ ಏನಾದ್ರು ಇದೆಯಾ, "The Lingayath catholic Church"!!! This is the most hedious thing done by the missionaries @narendramodi_in @BSYBJP @RSSorg @CTRavi_BJP please look into this matter. This church is in B'lore #Hindutva #Lingayat

 Detailed Analysis: Now the BJP has been given the chance to form the government in Karnataka in 2018 and the all the activities related to elections are over, however the fake news market is still on a full flow. Yet another fake image targeting the Church is now being circulated on the social media.

The image being circulated in the social media is fake and photoshopped, the real church is in Maharashtra, and the real text on the church is Lady of Dolours Church’ (Our Lady of Sorrows) 

We did not find any Lingayath Catholic Church" on the Google or any place in the social media, yet we were able to find some church which is really beautiful on of such church we got was published on a blog with title Beautiful Indian Churches, the real church was our lady Dolours Church. With a desc mentioned in the picture as “These pictures of 'Our Lady of Dolours Church' (Our Lady of Sorrows) were taken on my way to the railway station when returning to Mumbai.” This Church named Our Lady of Dolours Church is in Dahanu, Maharashtra, India

Our Lady of Dolours Church, Dahanu, Maharashtra, India

Dahanu (Marathi: डहाणू ) is a small, sleepy coastal city and a municipal council in Thane district in the western state of Maharashtra, India on the shores of Arabian Sea. I spent the whole day yesterday (13/04/12) relaxing at resort on a Dahanu beach.


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