Brief Outline: The iphone mobile phones have a new enemy, APPLE device users are being warned about a new “black dot of death” bug that could completely crash your iMessages.

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Origin: Viral on social media and whatsapp

Viral Example: It started as a prank: an iPhone user receives a text with a black dot emoji that completely freezes the message app.

Then it all goes downhill from there...

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Detailed Analysis:  It works in a similar way to the WhatsApp bug and overloads the phone with thousands of pieces of unicode text. Many people have reported the bug paralyze the phone and even rebooting the phone will not solve the problem. So don’t even think about restarting your phone as that will only reload the text and crash the device.

If the message is opened, the screen of the device will go blank – and will remain that way until Apple solves the issue. What makes it worse, however, is that there doesn't appear to be an easy way of deleting the message once you've received it.

So what can you do the best? The best thing to do is to force-close the Messages application.

Use the 3D Touch to press and hold the Messages icon and then tap "New Message" to regain access. Then cancel the new message, which will take you back to your list of iMessage conversations. Then press the Edit button and delete the infected message.

However if you're using an older iPhone model then this might not be available to you.

The bug has earned its name because all that's visible in the message is a black dot emoji, which is surrounded by thousands and thousands of invisible characters that overload the CPU and crash the phone.


'Black dot of death' is crashing iMessage, and there's only one way to fix it

Apparently we live in a universe where crashing your friend's phone is considered a fun prank. There's a new bug going around that can paralyze the iPhone's Messages app if it receives a message with a particular character, and not even a reboot will fix it.


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