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US president driver selection test Presidential Limousine reverse

Below message has been circulating on social media with regard to driver selection skill test for the US president. It is fake news.


US President Driver selection Driving skill test

Assertion made by – Social media and internet.

Confirmation by Ayupp.com – FAKE

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Pls see the Driving skills test to qualify as US President's driver to drive the Presidential Limousine - The Beast.
Observe the speed at which the limousine is clocking in reverse gear...for a quick get-away in the event of unlikely attack on the convoy. Amazing.

Us president's driver selection test.

US Presidenന്റെ ഡ്രൈവർ ആവാനുള്ള ഡ്രൈവിംഗ്TEST
കണ്ടു കഴിഞ്ഞാൽ ഒരു ലൈക്കിൽ പിശുക്കു കാണിക്കല്ലേ....!!


 Ayupp Analysis-

The above video and message informs the users that there is a Driver selection test for United States President. The driver has to drive and drift limousine in reverse direction that also in high speed. Looks funny and strange.

Actually the video is taken from a video game known as Forza Motorsport 6 and the action performed is reverse limo drifting. You can see the actual video below –