Video -101 year old lady gives birth to baby - Her real name is Rosa Camfield

101 year old lady

Below message is being circulated on social media-

Message Sample 1-

1st time in the world history a 101 years old lady gave birth to a baby girland entered into gunnies book.

Message Sample 2-

Amazing News Comes From Italy-101-Year Old Woman Gives Birth After Successful Ovary Transplant

A 101 year old woman called Anatolia Vertadella, gave birth to a 9-poundbaby after a controversial ovary transplant. Because of her age, this translplant was widely criticized by medical professionals.


Message sample 3-

In Napoli, Italy, Anatolia Vertadella, a 101-year-old woman, has given birth to a nine-pound baby, named Francesco, after a controversial ovary transplant widely criticized by medical professionals because of her advanced age. The illegal and controversial surgical operation was done in a private clinic in Turkey, where European laws on ovary transplants do not apply. According to the centennial mother who does not wish to disclose the name of the clinic where the operation was undertaken, [ 405 more words. ]


Message Sample 4-

Anatolia Vertadella, a 101-year-old Italian woman, has given birth to a 9-pound baby after a controversial ovary transplant widely criticized by medical professionals because of her advanced age, reports the Rivista Napoli. [ 544 more words. ]

YouTube Video –


Our Analysis - The above sample messages, describing that 101 year old lady has given birth to baby is not real. The lady in the picture and video is a 101 year old and she is holding her grand daughther. The name of old lady is Rosa Camfield of Gilbert, Arizona. She could not survive due to some illness and in the picture she is just holding her granddaughter. For more details read the below article -

Conclusion – 101 year old lady became popular even though due to fake news.

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