The man who are supposed to protect us, in the video can be seen using abusive language. This three police man Senior sub-inspector Murugan and constables Suresh and Ayyanar were first transferred to the armed reserved police wing. However they were suspended a day later. A probe has been ordered. Investigators say the incident took place a few days ago at Sedharpet that is close to Puducherry.

Some people also came in the support of the three police men.

What happened..

The video clip that's shows a commuter being beaten with a stick by three cops and made to squat along the road near his two-wheeler. The police men in khaki are also heard using abusive language. The senior sub-inspector is also seen receiving money from another commuter. 

On the visuals showing the officer receiving money from a commuter, another officer said, "It was a fine amount he received".

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