Viral Chinese Video: These days, a viral video of Yancheng Safari Park in Jiangsu Province of China is becoming viral on the Internet. It shows that Zoo employees thrown a living ass into a tiger enclosure. Two tigers attack on him as soon as he falls in the tiger’s cage. The tiger goes all over donkey, sometimes it goes on the ears, sometimes on the face and on the throat. The ass's life goes away after suffering for half an hour. In the water you only see blood. Around-standing tourists come in panic.

After coming to the front of this video, everyone criticized Zoo management very much. It was described as a kind of cruelty.

Now we tell you why Zoo personnel did this. According to BBC News, this is a private Zoo. People have invested money in this. But they are not getting back the money they have invested, because there is a court case against Zoo. Because of this Zoo's property has been sealed. So shareholders of Zoo are not able to get their money even by selling animals. Zoo Investor upsets due to court decisions and not getting money In anger, took the decision that they should feed the animals to the tigers so that the money spent on tiger eating would be saved.

Shareholders were also feeding the Zoo's sheep to tigers. There was also a plan to steal animals by selling them. But Zoo officials did not let them do this. After the reaction of the people after watching this video, Zoo has been asked to apologize for what happened. There will be no such incident in future; it will be taken care of.

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