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Vijay Malya 35 Crore Cheque to BJP to Escape from India, Share to all people and whole World as you can

Vijay Mallya gave a cheque of Rs. Thirty five crore and therefore Modi Govt allowed Vijay Mallya to run away from India looting nine thousand crores rupees of Indian banks. It shows that BJP led Modi Govt is allowing people like Vijai Malya to loot for its political mileage.

भाजपा की ईमानदारी और देश से गद्दारी!!
लंदन भागने से पहले विजय माल्या द्वारा दिया गया 35 करोड़ का चेक भाजपा के पार्टी फ़ंड में!!
भागने में मदद करने की कीमत

Ayupp Analysis – This news has been created and circulated on social media. It is fake and spam being creted only for social media. This kind of news can be termed as news without hands and legs and still running on the street. If Vijay Mallya has to give money to BJP then there are several more ways to donate it. In the context of current politics, he would never make such mistake.

See the below cheque samples for this news verification -

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