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Brief Outline: A Pakistani female free style wrestler, and Sandhya Phadke, a member of the Durga Vahini, RSS accepted the challenge. Watch the video to see what happened next.

Facts Check: False

What is Viral in India? 

The message along with the video says, “मुम्बई मे एक पाकिस्तानी लेडीज फ्रीस्टाइल कुस्तीबाज महिला रिंग मे खडे हो कर भारतीय महिला ओ को गाली देते हुये रिग मे आने के लिये चैलेन्ज करने लगी इसके चैलेन्ज को स्वीकार करते हुये RSS की दुर्गा वाहिनी की महिला संन्ध्या फडके नाम की महिला रिंग मे उतर कर आई आगे क्या हुआ इस वीडियो मे आप खुद देखे 👇”

Translated: A Pakistani female free style wrestler, in Mumbai standing in a wrestling ring, started abusing Indian women and challenging them to come to the ring. Sandhya Phadke, a member of the Durga Vahini, RSS accepted the challenge and entered the wrestling ring. Watch the video to see what happened next.

Twitter user Rishi Bagree shared this on twitter

A Pakistani female wrestler abused & challenged Indian spectators to Fight. Her Challenge was accepted by a spectator by name Sandhya Phadke

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Facts Check Analysis: Internet is full of viral content and especially on whatsapp and facebook. Now days a wrestling video is quite viral in the social media of a wrestling video of a free style wrestler and a woman wearing a saffron color salwar kameez, is being shared on social media as that of a Pakistani wrestler against Sandhya Phadke of Durga Vahini, RSS. The message says watch to see what happens next.

However the fact is that the wrestling video women one is not from Pakistan and second women in salwar kameez is not from RSS. So who are this persons in the viral video.

Both of this womens are Indians – B B Bull Bull, India’s first professional wrestler and the lady in salwar kameez is Kavita Devi, a former police officer from Haryana, power lifter and a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

The video is from 2016, India's first professional woman wrestler, BB Bull Bull knocked down by former ‪‎MMA champion ‪Kavita. In the video can be seen Bull Bull challenging the crowd, gathered at the arena to fight her and then Kavita accepted the challenge and stepped into the ring.

Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE), was launched by former WWE superstar The Great Khali on November 24, 2015, is an Indian independent Professional wrestling promotion and training school, based in Jalandhar..

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