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Viral Claim today, 6, March, 2019: There is much news doing the rounds on social media as on 6th March 2019, as the post on the politician, post on social awareness and health-related issues, below is the list of news, blogs, posts and tweets viral on social media like WhatsApp facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other sharing networks.

This information’s has been shared widely on social media; subsequently, they spread like a fire,

Viral News in Social Media Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp / Others Examples 1:

#पाकिस्तान-में ४ दिन-से-लगातार-कब्रे# खुदवायी-जा-रही है और तुम अभी तक सबूत पे ही अटके हो

Since the last five days, graves are being dug in Pakistan and you are still asking for proof

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