If you ever faced a problem in eating a pineapple than you should definitely follow this link, which is highly shared on social media.

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Facts Check Analysis Eating pineapple has been a tough job for most of the people in the world; however it looks like the favorite fruit throughout the world after Dennis shared the secret peeling method on the social media. Many people don’t like the people only because of it tough method to peel the fruit.

A Twitter user called Dennis Naghizadeh shared the video this week. It has now garnered over 15 million views, 1.5 lakh retweets, and over 3.61 lakh likes.

It shows some person chopping the top of a pineapple and then pulling out sections of the fruit. It shows how pulling the skin towards the center takes out pyramid-shaped pieces from the fruit which are non-messy and easier to eat.

This is really a redefining method for many to treat this fruit from now onwards and give it same preference similar to mangoes and other fruits.

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