Viral Message: Virendra Sehwag falls in the trap, gives wrong tweet and apologizes later that he gave on Kerala lynching, saying Madhu stole 1 kg rice. A mob of Ubaid , Hussain and Abdul Kareem lynched the poor tribal man to death

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Viral Message Verification:-  The tweet of Virendra Sehwag have a wrong indication that Only Muslim’s were behind the lynching of the kerala youth Madhu. And not only hime many of other people got this wrong impression  and started giving a communal color to this barbaric event.

Virendra Sehwag tweeted earliar today “Madhu stole 1 kg rice. A mob of Ubaid , Hussain and Abdul Kareem lynched the poor tribal man to death. This is a disgrace to a civilised society and I feel ashamed that this happens and kuch farak nahi padta.”.

To which people also replied him back to not to give a communal color to this.

The list of people arrested till now are It's is a crime to name accused from only one religion . Here is the name of all arrested. Aneesh, Hussain, Shamshudeen, Radhakrishnan, AbuBakkr, Jaijimon, Ubaid, Najeeb, Abdul Kareem, Harish, Biju, Muneer, Sateesh!

Sneha Koshy is a Journalist. Kerala Bureau Chief @NDTV.

Virendra Sehwag later apologized for his wrong tweet > Non acceptance of a fault is itself a 2nd fault.I apologise I missed out on more names involved in this crime bcoz of incomplete info & sincerely apologise 4 it but the tweet is not communal at all.Killers r divided by religion but united by a violent mentality. May there b peace”.

However there are many who are still out there trying to make this a communal color.  Who will say them that this was not communal at all but a human failure?

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