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Facts Check: Was a Hindu women raped Muslim Congress leader

Brief Outline: A image viral on the social media claiming that a women from Gonda, Uttar Pradesh was raped by Congress politician whom she considered as a brother.

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? 

यूपी के गोंडा में हिंदु महिला नीरू गौतम ने कांग्रेस नेता गफूर खान को अपना भाई माना था और राखी तक पहनाई 27aug Monday को गफूर खान ने निरू को कुछ काम के सिलसिले में घर बुलाया और निरू से बलात्कार करके मार पिटाई करके घर से भाग गया।।


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Facts Check Analysis: The image with the viral content is viral over the social media, is a fake image being shared by the people over the social media.

The Gonda Police also clarified about this fake news with a tweet.

The Uttar Pradesh also said that Let’s resolve not to allow #FakeNews float in the CyberSpace uncontested , unverified & unrebutted. Do report to us at @UPPViralCheck in case you find suspicious news related to Crime in UP & @uppolice -https://twitter.com/NavbharatTimes/status/1034727991157420033 … - @nalinmehta @misskaul @shailichopra @AltNews @BBC

The image is dated from November 21, 2016. Where the women was injured in a train accident.

India Train Derails

AP Images : DetailView : India Train Derails

The news published in gazettenet, on 21 Nov 2016, titled as “Train crash in India kills 146”. The news states as, the death toll from India’s worst train accident in years rose to 146 on Monday after rescuers used cranes to lift the last of the twisted metal wreckage to check for bodies underneath.