Viral Message: A Chinese kindergarten run by a senior member of the Clinton Foundation is under investigation after claims of child sex abuse and needle marks on children.

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Parents say their children were stripped naked, given unknown “white pills” and “brown syrup” and sexually abused while in the care of the kindergarten in Beijing’s eastern suburb of Guanzhuang.

The kindergarten is run by RYB Education Institution, which is currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange. One of the board members of this company, Joel Getz, also served as a Director of Development for the Clinton Foundation in New York, with a primary focus on Haiti.

Several parents found needle marks on her children’s bodies, Caixin media group, which initially reported the story, said on Thursday.

Medical examination of eight children confirmed that the injuries were indeed caused by needles, Guanzhuang police later said.

According to RT, apart from needles, children were given “white tablets and a brown syrup,” a group of parents who staged a protest outside the nursery, told Caixin, adding that they had no idea what these substances were. “Disobedient students were also forced to stand naked or were locked up in a dark room at the kindergarten,” one parent said.

Viral Message Verification:- As viral on the social media the message titled “A Chinese kindergarten run by a senior member of the Clinton Foundation is under investigation after claims of child sex abuse and needle marks on children.”

This is a fake message; there is yet news with the same image. As per capitalwatch

Beijing police confirmed that accusations regarding child molestation were false, and that some people were trying to frame the company. Ms Liu, the responsible party, is held accountable for defamation, and has been detained. 

The accusations regarding child abuse are still under investigation. The 22-year-old teacher involved in this matter has been detained by the Beijing police.

RYB Education just annouced that the kindergarden headmaster's employment with RYB Education is terminated, effective immediately.

We cross checked across the news pages related to Keanu Reeves, yet we did not find any truth about this news that he ever made such statements.

yournewswire was Founded by Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Sinclair Treadway in 2014. It has published fake stories, such as "claims that the Queen had threatened to abdicate if the UK voted against Brexit."

Earliar published a story saying First Lady Michelle Obama had unfollowed Clinton on Twitter. A quick check of Twitter proved the story false. 

In the past YourNewsWire has been the source of or helped spread a long string of persistent rumors, including the fake claim that a terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England was a “false flag,” or a government plot designed to keep the populace in fear. They also reported the widespread (but completely false) rumor that a second gunman helped carry out the mass shooting in Las Vegas on 1 October 2017.

It’s significant to note that YourNewsWire often uses fictional quotes juice up the clickbait value of their stories, sometimes for the purpose of putting outrageous words in celebrities’s mouths, and other times to invent stories and attribute them to conveniently–anonymous witnesses or officials.

In our opinion the stories or news covered on this site cannot be trusted and must be well verified before being actually shared and believed.

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