Viral Message Claim: The viral message claims Jefferson Alvin, a 47-year old priest from Belmont, California, was caught with 10kg of cocaine when he was pulled over by the police last Friday.

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Viral message example-   Jefferson Alvin, a 47-year old priest from Belmont, California, was caught with 10kg of cocaine when he was pulled over by the police last Friday.

After the priest stopped his car at the side of the road, the police asked him to open the car’s trunk to check that the car had a good triangle and that the retro-reflective vest was complying with the terms of the current legislation.

The police affirmed that this priest always had a strange behavior and, therefore, they began to suspect something:

It was clear the this man was nervous. We didn’t know if he was suffering from anything or not, but it was hard for him to speak and he was taking several seconds to react to anything we said.

When the police was inspecting the car’s trunk, the agents found two suspicious packages, covered completely in plastic. They quickly realized that that was a drug and arrested the priest on the spot.

The priest affirms that everything was an ambush against him, and he doesn’t want to be arrested without evidence against him:

Viral Message Verification:- The message claims “Priest Arrested After Being Caught With 10kg Of Cocaine; Says He Thought It Was Flour For Hosts”, is a hoax news, in actual the man is not wearing a cross. It originated on March 27, 2018 on, archived here.

The man in the picture is Roberto Revelo (a shooting suspect) being arrested in 2012: As published in

Vacaville police arrested a Fairfield man Friday afternoon who they believe shot and killed a Vacaville man whose death was originally reported as a suicide.

Police had been looking for Revelo, 20, since Wednesday, when they concluded that Ernesto Castillo Jr., 19, had not put a gun to his own head Monday and killed himself.

Clearly at the time of arrest no cross was visible on Roberto Revelo and he is not a priest.

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