Peppa Pig – The popular British animated collection – Peppa Pig should not be watched by childrens as it can lead to Autism. This kind of messages are being spread on social media:

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this is what you was telling me about, they actually did studies on it and you was right! 
Parents take note, its worth a read
sharing because i AGREE peppa is BAD INFLUENCE on kids, i dont agree with the part about this being a cause of autism.

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Many parents have reported that their children copy the behavior of Peppa and her brother George, and some of them decided to ban the cartoon from being watched at their homes.

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Experts claimed that Peppa suffers from superiority complex, shows inappropriate behavior, is impolite, intolerant, disrespectful, envious, arrogant and proud. These are not the traits that children should emulate!

They claimed that Peppa Pig is breeding disrespectful behavior among children. Besides, researchers from the University of Harvard published the result of an experiment that they conducted in 2012. It said that watching Peppa Pig was one of the main causes of autism among children.

Marc Wildemberg, an epidemiologist who was the lead researcher said: “children exposed to at least 30 minutes a day of the show have a 56% higher probability of developing autism.”

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Our Analysis: There is no such report ever published by Harvard University with regard to Peppa Pig. This was published by morning news USA (link provided in message link).  This is just rubbish piece of crap being published. Personally speaking we know kids to copy the behaviour of whichever cartoon character they watch. This does not mean that they are suffering from autism. Peppa pig is one of my favourite cartoon and kids learn more from its characters.

What causes Autism – It is still not sure how autism is really caused. Still there are multiple reasons to speculate. It might be due to environmental, biologic, and genetic factors. In few cases autism behaviour might be due to Rubella in pregnant mother,

Conclusion As per some of the scholarly document, Autism might be caused due excessive watching of television by kids below two year of age. But it is nowhere mentioned that watching Peppa Pig can lead to Autism. So as per our analysis it is fake news.

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