Chewing gum stays in stomach for 7 years

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#IF U Swallow Chewing Gum,It Stays In Ur Stomach For 7 Years....

Ayupp Analysis – Our digestive system is very enhanced and smart to handle the things which it cannot digest. It follows entirely different mechanism for it. The gut inside the stomach just keeps on moving until they reach the intestine which further removes it from our body.

In most of the cases, gum would reach commode within one or two days after consumption. Gum is very sticky substance, but it cannot withstand the power inside our stomach.

The first attack on the chewing gum occurs as soon as gum enters your mouth. The saliva attacks it and softens its gum property. The sweeteners and the shell of gum is consumed by saliva and what is left is ingredients of gum which is indigestible. When the gum enters our stomach, slowly and steadily, and follow the process mentioned in above steps.

The real issue can occur if you consume very large quantity of at one time. It can cause a blockage within the digestive system. Most often, small kids are victim of it, who start to consume gum like a chocolate. The digestive system tract of a kid is smaller than an adult so if they consume it more then it can be really dangerous.

We really do not see any specific benefits for kids after eating chewing gums. This myth is good to be a myth, so that kids can be kept safe until they can take care of their life. 

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