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As claimed in the viral message “Was her full name Gauri Lankesh PATRICK? If so, one wonders what she had to hide.”

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Was her full name Gauri Lankesh PATRICK? If so, one wonders what she had to hide.

Full name of that journo shot was Gauri Lankesh Patrick.....What was the agenda in hiding Patrick from her name. Why ashamed of Christianity

Viral Message Verification –   Fake news of Gauri Lankesh is doing rounds in the social media regarding the religion of slain journalist Gauri Lankesh, who was killed by some unidentified people just some days back. The talk in the Social media is about the her being Christian. The question is if anything was like this then why no one never discussed this before and discussing now after she is no more.

The message is quite viral on the social media fact checking her link to Christianity without any knowledge of her. People are just reading the message and promoting it all over again.

Source of Rumor: Her family had been running a weekly publication called Gauri Lankesh Patrike’. Patrike is a Kannada word it means Patrika just like in Hindi which in turn means Journal.

Many message claim that she is a Catholic Christian buried in graveyard.

Gauri Lankesh was born in a Lingayat family where a person is usually buried after they are dead. Even Gauri Lankesh was buried last Wednesday without any religious way.

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