Fact check: Why I am a Hindu- Is Sashi Tharoor a Hindu?

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Viral Message: This made my day. Man who told the court he is NOT a Hindu now writes a book titled Why I AM a Hindu.

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This made my day. Man who told the court he is NOT a Hindu now writes a book titled Why I AM a Hindu. (h/t @prakash_venkit)

 Viral Message Verification:- A viral message claiming that Sashi Tharoor is not a hindu and has claimed of this in court itself. The is already there in the media from long time, while more recently the dispute over the religion of Sashi Tharoor started after the Consulting Editor at Swarajya; Newslaundry Anand Ranganathan questioned the religion of Sashi Tharoor. Ever since the tweets and pro tweets from both the sides is going on.

The viral message claims that “1st respondent denies all the allegations in the petition. He asserts that he made true and correct disclosure of all the assets which belongs to him as on the relevant date and the allegations to the contrary are untrue. He disowns any assets having been inheritated by him consequent on the death of his wife. He also would point out that as on the date of filling nomination, he had n spouse and therefore the question of disclosure at the point of time did not arise. He disputes that he and his wife late sunanda Pushkar are Hindus.


Regarding the false claim that i said my wife&I were not Hindus: This is my sworn affidavit before the Court. Clearly there was a typographical error ("accidental slip") in the judge's summary of the case which no one noticed until malicious people chose to twist it into a drama.

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