Brief Outline: The viral news claims that banks to remain closed for the first week of Sept 2018 is fake news.

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? 

Dear All,

PL, note that all the Banks will remain closed for six days.

2nd Sept-Sun

3rd Sept-Janmastami,

4th, 5th Sept- Banks strike protest for pension.

8th, 9th Sept-sat & Sun-closed

All ATM;s may remain cashless.

PL, plan accordingly.

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Facts Check Analysis: The message claiming that banks will remain closed for the first six weeks in September 2018 is Fake. Messages claiming banks will remain closed for six days in the first week of September is fake -- from September 2 to September 5 and then on September 8 and 9 -- are going viral on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and on instant messaging applications like WhatsApp.

There are also news about call of strike by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Sept 4 and Sept 5, Sept 8 is second Saturday, a bank holiday and September 9 is Sunday again..

The Department of Financial Services also tweeted about the rumor,

#Rumours on social media abt closure of banks in 1st week of Sep. Banks to function as usual in Sept. Ist week! NO PAN INDIA BANK CLOSURE ON 3rd Sept. All ATMs & online transactions also to be available unimpeded. Do not trust rumours. @FinMinIndia @PIB_India @ANI @timesofindia

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