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I was shocked to hear that the RTI rules are being changed. Under the new rules an RTI query can be withdrawn by the applicant and the RTI querywill be closed if the applicant dies.

This means that people can be threatened into withdrawing their queries. And if they don't give in to threats they will be killed.

Shocked to hear that the RTI rules are being changed. Under the new rules an RTI query can be withdrawn by the applicant and the RTI query will be closed if the applicant dies.This means that people can bethreatened into withdrawing their queries. And if they don't give in to threats they will be killed. One persong got murdered recently, 8 Murderers entered into home of petitioner and killed him. Now the case is closed. RTIactivist Suhas Haldankar was on his way back home when he was beaten to death by 11 people. Suhas’s head was smashed with concrete blocks and he collapsed in a pool of blood - Indian Express report.

Ayupp Analysis:  In the first week of April, this news was published in almost all of the top media houses that Government of India (famously known as Modi Gov) is going to close RTI query after the death of the applicants. There were various social media posts where people were showing their anger over this legitimate issue. But it seems no one thought of reading carefully the detailed information about this matter. The below article in Economic Times clearly states that even after the death of applicant, the RTI application would cease to exist.


As per our investigation it looks like this confusion was raised due to the draft recommendations put forward by the Government of India.

The current NDA government has  asked for some amendments in the RTI act, which says that proceedings related to an RTI query will automatically stop if the applicant dies while the appeal is pending before the Central Information Commission. This is the Draft RTI Rules 2017, in which comments have been invited from the public, Clause 2 of Rule 12 titled Withdrawal/Abatement of Appeal says: “The proceedings pending before the Commission shall abate on the death of the appellant.”

Since, this is in draft mode and not a law, so it cannot be implemented by the RTI act.

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