Zookeeper arrested trying to molest 500-pound male gorilla: fact check

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Viral Message: San Diego, CA | A San Diego Zoo employee has been formally accused of repeated sexual assault on a 15-year-old male gorilla.

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 “His conduct was clearly inappropriate, reckless and dangerous for the animal as well,” he explained.

“Any sexual activity between animals and employees is strictly prohibited by San Diego Zoo policy,” he added.

San Diego Zoo administrator, Janette Fitzgerald, says Mr. Obwe’bwe may have acted out of despair after learning his wife had left him.

According to current Californian law, bestiality is classed as a misdemeanor, an offense that is punishable by a maximum six-month county jail sentence and a maximum $1,000 fine.

Viral Message Verification-   Last month in November, 2017 a satire site World News Daily Report published the news of a  San Diego Zoo employee of being arrested and charged with sexual assault on a 15 year old male gorilla. The site is the first origin of the fake news.

Akimbo Obwe’bwe, a 29-year-old zoo intern originally from Gabon, was found guilty of feeding sedatives to Big George, one of the zoo’s top attractions, and partaking in sexual activity with the sedated animal.

According to unreleased video footage, Obwe’bwe proceeded to insert the animal’s penis inside his mouth for several minutes but apparently underestimated the strength of the medication, leading the animal to wake up and lash back at the zookeeper, alerting other employees.


“Some employees had voiced concerns that Mr. Obwe’bwe had recently become uneasily friendly with the animals since his divorce, but I could not expect it was this bad,” she told reporters.

We at ayupp.com found no such mention of any such arrest in any mainstream news source.

The site world news daily reports clearly mentions in its website that their contents are satirical and full of fiction

All characters appearing in the articles in this website — even those based on real people — are entirely fictional and any resemblance between them and any persons, living, dead, or undead is purely a miracle.

Parenthetically, the image used in the WNDR news-article is a distorted image of a black male that has been used on racist web sites for years to insult and demean people of color.

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