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nadal wins 8th French open, Rafael Nadal, Nadal defeats Ferrer,

French Open, Paris : The Spaniard, Rafael Nadal (27 years) won the 8th French Open title.He also became the first man in history to win eight singles titles at the same Grand Slam tournament. He beat Ferrer in straight three sets 6-3, 6-2, 6-3. He is indeed a man with golden hands. The way he defeated Ferrer was really admirable. At no stage during the game, he allowed Ferrer to overcome him. Earlier this year, Nadal was suffering from aining knees and was out of tennis for a seven months. He really worked very hard come back. He didnt only come back but also won his 8th title of the French Open. After winning the title Nadal said that “It’s clear this year means something very special to me, Five months ago nobody in my team dreamed of a comeback like this, because we thought it would be impossible. But here we are today, and that’s really fantastic and incredible." He is only 27 years now, and he has already won 12 majors overall. The Gladiator is already among the top 3 great players in the history of Tennis. He trails only Roger Federer (17) and Pete Sampras (14) and is the second youngest, after Federer, to reach a dozen Grand Slam titles