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Any runner can make mistakes while running a marathon, it doesn’t matters if he is a wrong time runner or recently started running. Having knowledge is important to avoid mistakes of marathon running.

common mistakes runners make while running long distance and competition.

Setting wrong goal pace:   athletes make mistakes of not accurately judging there race preparation. Many professional often error by assuming they are in the same shape they were last year. Try running a race or time trial (ideally half marathon) three to four weeks before your marathon.

Going all out too fast: Many runners run the first mile too quickly because they feel this is the time to go ahead of other runners, however the best results come from running as even as possible each mile of the race. Until and unless if you are well prepared with this type of running  i.e. uneven running stop doing so. It has been researched that people who run evenly are more prone to winning.

Unnecessary hitting pace: many runners unnecessary start hitting pace and makes themselves quite tiresome. One of the persons I know while running a half-mile hill maintained the same speed, his heart rate increased and finally paid the price at the end of the marathon. So running into the wind or going up the hill, or going down the hill keep control of the heart rate.