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marathon running rules, how to complete marathom

Running for long distance is a big achievement for any runner at one place it will give you satisfaction and accomplishment and at the other place it gives you boost in your health.

Mimic the environment: it is always best to mimic the environment you are going to run, say for example if you want to run 5K or 10K. set your goal at which speed you want to run the race and practice in the same way. You can best achieve the success if you run at the same pace and the same environment.

Speed Up: Never increase your speed to drastically. It is going to cause injury on your body. The best solution would be increase by no more than 10 percent every week.

Warm up: it is always advisable to before running warm your body and muscles. Ie at least 10 min before running do some walking and warm running. This increases blood flow and raises the core muscle temperature.

Food Rule: never try something new on the race day. Stick to the food you have been taking while practicing for the race. How ever if you are not finding the food of your choice it Is better advisable to eat something rather not eating at all.

Safet rule: It is advisable to run facing the traffic. While running many runner follow the traffic rules what the bikes and cars follow. How ever it is advisable always to run facing the traffic then to have something suddenly come behind you and honk.

Don’t always run only: it is suggested to go for other training as well. Like swimming, gymming to give you muscle and more flexibility and strength.