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it is often desirable when we run a marathon we intend not only to finish the marathon but also to win the marathon. In such case a consistent speed running can be helpful in achieving your goal.


We are presenting a set of rules that can be helpful for marathon runners to be speed runners.

Fartlek: There are different ways of running, one of them is the fartlek which means speed play, in which a trainer runs faster and then slower over time, this is intermixed fast and slow.

This is highly helpful in a long distance marathon, where in you may be required to compete with other runners, especially  at the start and at the end of the race. Careful pacing lets you spread your energy evenly so you can complete your planned race. But it imposes preset limits: How fast you start is determined ahead of time in your head rather than by how good you may feel at the moment. It is a high-risk, high-reward style that requires you to ignore the warnings from your legs and lungs for as long as you can. But once you master it, you'll respond better to race-day challenges from your competitors—and avoid finishing with unspent fuel in the tank.

Keep it fast: Group runners always have someone to compete and it is often advised to practice long distance in groups as it will help you build your stamina and speed more, however anyone can replicate the effort even if running alone. Start an interval workout at a pace more than you normally sustain—up to five percent faster—and pick a threshold that's two percent slower than your target as your stop signal. Do as many repeats as possible at your target pace, and once you slow to your stop-signal threshold, stop.

Remain observant: mix up your style but make sure you do not over expose this to your self, look if you are causing any injury to your body by doing so. Practice this method of running gradually and always try to maintain some minimal speed, remember you have some more distance to cover.