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Android Malware Xavier Attack’s more than 800 apps in Google Play Store

New Delhi: Every android phone user and non users even know the Google Play Apps store. However if you are one of the android phone users, be careful your data might not be safe. If you are a Smartphone user, then your data stored in your Android phone can be searched at any time. Cyber ​​attacks are being carried out continuously through Google Apps to trace the details stored in your mobile. On Friday, cyber attackers have launched a cyber attack called Malware on more than 800 apps in the Google Play Store.

Global Cyber ​​Security Company Trend Micro says that it has identified the Trojan Android malware Xavier on more than 800 apps in Google Play Store on Friday. These apps have been downloaded several times by the user. This virus attacks users in the device and stole all their information. If this virus occurs in the user's mobile, then which information is stealing, it is hard to tell.

A statement by Trend Micro in the media says that the affected app with this malware includes utility apps to photo app, wallpaper app and ringtone changer app. We provide mobile security solutions to protect users from such threats. Country Manager of Trend Micro Nilesh Jain says that the easiest way to avoid the extremely fast malware like Xavier is to not download or install the app from any unknown source, even if it is from the Google Play Store itself.

Some time ago, more than 30 million users were affected by the virus named Judy. This claim was made by a research firm named Check Point. This company has identified 41 affected apps on Google Play Store and alerted Google. Checkpoint has described the malware as auto-clicking adware. After this information, Google has started removing it from the Play Store. Not only that, it has been claimed in the report that its download number has increased from 40 lakh to 1.8 crore.