Apple IPhone 8 and Samusung Note 8 is the most awaited phones of 2017. It might be too early to compare these two phones as they are released yet. Still we have tried our best to compare them best of leaks available in the market. There will be certainly fight for the best technology when they get released. 

We have categorized these two phones based on the below parameters-

Pressure from last release –

Apple Iphone 8 – The name of this model is iPhone 8, still we can call it Iphone 10. Reason being, this is the 10th year of Iphone. So, this phone is going to be anniversary launch. Not only this. From the last 3 releases – Iphone 5, 6 and 7. There has been only slight changes in the design. The look and the feel of the phone has been same consistently. It leads to a big challenge for the design team of Apple to come up with new design.

Samsung Note 8 – The memories of blasting note 7 battery is still in everyone’s mind. After the blast, almost all of the airlines circular that no one should carry note 7 with them on the flight. Nothing can be more humiliating than this for any mobile manufacturer. Samsung tried to provide some fixes, but the blasts never stopped. And finally it had to recall its most awaited flagship Note7. Hence, with the launch to Note 8, a lot of hopes will be at stake again. Samsung must be prepared to win the heart and confidence of people with this phablet.

Display –

Apple is going to be bezeless this time. Reported on twitter.



Samsung Note 8 will also be bezeless –


Apple release date-


Samsung release date –



Apple Iphone 8

Samsung note 8

Last release pressure

The last three releases, there has been no change in the design.

Note 7 blast has created pressure on Samsung to win back the confidence of its customers.


6.3 inches. Bezeless.

5.8 inches. Bezeless.





Scratch-resistant glass, Light sensor, Proximity sensor

Light sensor, Proximity sensor

System Chip

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 MSM8998

Apple A11

System Memory

6 Gb

3 GB


Read the leak news of Iphone 8 on the Forbes.

Red the leak news of note8 on Forbes -

Release date

September last week in 2017

6th Oct 2017

 After comparing the two phones, it can be said that Apple might lead the race in terms of speed and Note 8 might lead in terms of  design. Still, its too early to make any statement at this point of time.  Lets wait for their actual release. 


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