New Delhi: Blue Whale is an online suicide game created by Philipp Budeiki, the 22 year old boy who spend his 3 years in Russia jail for killing people. In an interview Budeiki said that to play the game, Budeiki would select people he considered weak enough to be manipulated. Budeiki said he pushed teenagers to suicide intentionally.

The first incident of India held in Mumbai a 14 year child jump from the Terries. The name of this game drives from a task where the players were asked to draw a blue whale on a piece of paper and than they have to put onto their body.

The game is all about the tasks where Budeiki chose players to assign daily tasks where the players were suppose to complete their tasks in 50 days successfully. The game begin and constantly the level of the game get increase day by day the second last task was to kill any animal and finally suicide. And it was also said by Budeiki that each task is to be photographed and videotaped. This was accepted by Budeiki that he is responsible for the 117 death was committed by the people and for the game named as ‘Blue Whale’. He also said that this game was to push teenagers not to sleep at night and to focus on there studies. This started in 2013 on august 21. Now finally Mr. Devendra fadnavis CM of Maharashtra was requested to the parents that to be aware about their child activities and there computer games and discusses among the members of legislative assembly regarding this problem.

As reported in NDTV “Earlier On Saturday, a 14-year-old in Mumbai texted his friend, "I am going to the building to jump". Before anyone could react to the message, he had jumped off the fifth floor of a building. The police are investigating whether the death is India's first linked to the "Blue Whale" suicide challenge floating on the Internet. Several suicides outside India have been linked to the deadly video game.”

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