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Bluetooth 5 Brings 4mbps data transfer, 2x Speed and 4x Range in Comparison to Bluetooth 4.2

Technology, Bluetooth: It is one of the greatest technology achievement ever invented. However over time it had become useless as people started to move over different connection devices.

Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has finally revealed the final Bluetooth version 5 specifications, which encourage people to use more of this feature.  

Top new and updated features in Bluetooth 5:

  1. Bluetooth 5 packs in twice the bandwidth and also four times the range.
  2. It features now eight times the broadcasting capacity as compared to Bluetooth 4.2 which is currently available on recently launched Android devices. What this means is that Bluetooth 5 can now transfer at 2Mbps instead of the usual 1Mbps.
  3. The most impressive about Bluetooth 5 is that the bandwidth can be adjusted. According the SIG website, the new spec is flexible and developers and device makers can tweak the same in their offerings depending on what is more important for them, range, or bandwidth.
  4. Bluetooth 5 can also supports larger data packets and now works with 255-octet packages instead of the older 31-octet ones.
  5. The new Bluetooth v5 is backwards compatible with devices supporting Bluetooth v4.0 LE and for basic operations up to v1.1. Devices sporting the v5 spec should begin showing up in devices starting 2017.

Like mentioned earlier, the new standard is ready for adoption. So, you should be able to see it in the devices near you starting from early 2017.