New Delhi: There has been several craze incidents where people can be seen enjoying surfing and playing in mobile when other important event has been happening. Nitish Kumar and DGP in Bihar were addressing a seminar on liquor in the camps, when an IPS officer was playing candy crush on mobile and surfing WhatsApp post. A photograph of Trump and his wife was seen on the mobile screen of a police officer. Now these officers are being given a notice. Getting punishment is also imperfect. However, the question arises that three officers have been given notice, how they play games on mobile on so serious occasion. The answer is - 'Addiction' or 'Chaska'.

To understand this, we must first understand the generation of mobile:

  1. Mobile phone makers have thought that this will allow people to talk to people on the go. Connecting to mobile to messaging was extra which no one thought earlier. Nokia and Samsung's phones are sold very well due to the same features of mobile and common games.
  2. Mobile cameras brought huge change in the use of the phone.
  3. Then came the Blackberry which added the email in the mobile to the internet and made the phone smart.
  4. But, after which the smartphones and smart phones were made to compete with each other which made the situation more dangerous.

Time changed rapidly and mobile became god. Everything and every  answer can be sought with the help of mobile. Which became fun for the people now calling is not everything on the phone, but it requires lot of other things as well to make a complete Mobile, it needs Games, Social Media, Whatsapp, Camera and Do not Know After all this, millions of people have screwed up.  

The phone through which people used to call or message only. Now, people use mostly the most social media and play games. From the survey of the statCrunch, it has come out that most people (42.06%) use social media. Chats (40.48%) and 11% people appear to play games.

Some of the things which people are mad on mobile are

Game Addiction

It was one of those times when people used to feed their snakes in the Nokia mobile phones and used to increase their length. But in the days of Android and iPhone, the makers of games making games have brought more intoxicant games. Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfers and Candy Crush are some well-known names. Yes, people are there, they have just changed their games with changing the round. Perhaps in the student life these games will be addictive, but still at the age of 60 people are more addictive to these games.


Not just games, Whatsapp has completely penetrated into people's lives. All good things from morning, like good morning to good night message are from Whatsapp. Whether in the office or in the house, mobile in their hands and Whatsapp always open, you see funny messages and photos, which would make them laugh at these people, but perhaps they do not know that these fun can also be a punishment for them.

In Karnataka this year, BJP's MLC Mahantesh Kawatagimath shared allegedly vulgar pictures in a WHATSAP group created to share information between government officials and the media.


There is no addiction on the internet bigger than this and if there is personal device than there is no stopping back. Bihar's IPS officer was playing Candy Crush game, CC Patil, Laxman Savadi and Krishna Palemar were seen watching pornographic videos in the Karnataka assembly in 2012, due to which they had to resign. Not only that, in 2015, a Congress MLA from Odisha was caught watching the porn inside the assembly. Congress legislator Naba Kishore Das was suspended from the Assembly for watching porn on mobile.


Today, all mobile users have a Facebook account. Whether you have a pan shop, or a small shop, you are in office ... or at home ... people open Facebook and look at the photos below and below the screen. Take a look at the photos so that all the work go to the Scream. People's first work has become a Facebook check-up.

Now, what kind of timepass can be made to punishment but now what they do is addiction.  Actually, we have become accustomed to this period of information revolution, at some point of time somehow. If our mobile remains calm for a while, then we start to feel uneasy. If a notification is not sent we become annoyed. Is this not addiction

Experts are now treating this addiction as a disease. Its victims are in millions of crores. Such people are not punished, they need treatment. Or maybe punishment is only treatment. What do you think give your comments below?

About The Author

Olivia Murakami is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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