Fraud related to OTP debit card Jafrabad Rizwan case study

What is OTP hacking: Someone will call you on your phone and represent himself as from bank. He/she will be having some basic details about you. They will make some stories about security of your account and somehow convince you to do some online transaction. In the meantime, they login using your credentials and ask the OTP that’s being generated on your mobile. And you lose your money.

How do they know your details? Several times you get calls from unknown numbers or mail from unknown sources. They ask for your basic details like Pan Number, DOB or Passport numbers. They do it in different calls. So, be aware with such calls. Sometimes calls may also come through the job portals asking for your details and you give it very easily.  

How to remain safe - Before providing any information online, make sure that you know the person to whom you are talking to. If you don’t know the person, then ask for a mail on which you can reply keeping other seniors of his department. For any new jobs, do not provide your PAN detail. It should be only given to the authorized company only. Customer care officials can never block your card for no reasons, and they would never ask OTP from you. OTP is many times entered using your mobile through IVR. You are never supposed to provide it to anyone. We keep on getting messages from Bank that bank will never ask for your customer id or OTP.

OTP Case study in real life from Amar ujala 25th December 2016 Edition:

New Delhi, Jafarbad – on 23rd December, A news came about one scrap businessman, who was cheated by debit card fraud. The scammer, frightened him in the name of Debit card, that his debit card would be blocked if he didn’t give him OTP. As soon as the businessman provided him his OTP, he transferred 49000 from his account. After one month from the incidence, the victim approached the police, but they refused to register FIR.

As per the police, Mr Rizwan malik, stays with his family in Road number 34 in Jafrabad with his family. He has his account in State bank of India and he has scrap business. Rizwan received call on 24th November 2016. The caller said that he is executive from SBI and calling from Mumbai Branch. Aftwe Demonetization, the initiative was taken curb black money and they wanted to verify his account. So, they informed Rizwan that bank is investigating the black money issue in each accounts. Rizwan needed to complete some basic formalities so that his account should not get closed. And if he abides by this, then SBI will have to close his account. After hearing this, Rizwan started to Panic, and shared his OTP to them.

After few minutes, he got a message that 49000, was debited from his account. He immediately called Customer support of SBI and blocked the card. The next thing he did was to go to Jafrabad Police station to register complain. To his shock, they didn’t register complain. Then, the accused forwarded the complaint in the DCP office. Still, there was no action taken from Police.  A senior police officer told that, they might start the investigation on this matter.

Conclusion- Precaution is better than cure. Never share your personal information with unknown person anywhere, anytime and anyhow.  

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