apple ios 9 vs ios8
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How Apple iOS 9 is different from iOS 8

After Apple new version of its mobile operating system iOS 9 is out here is quick comparison with previous versionios 8. The new version of Apple IOS 9 is full of enhancements and updates, maily aimed for every day use. The latest enhancement goes to multitasking feature, improved operating system, enhacement of battery life and security and lots more.  However to help the previous IOS 8, user we have come up with quick comparison with the previous version of Apple IOS 

  • Home: There is some changes in the font in iOS 9 home screen looks, other wise it is almost same as the previous version if the ios 8, you can swipe left to get a new search screen and swipe down to Spotlight.
  • Smarter Siri: During the iOS 9 announcement, Apple told that Siri will be fater, it is now 40 percent faster and 40 percent accurate than the iOS 8. The new Siri comes with a new look that is similar to the Apple Watch Siri display.


  • Search Screen You can access the new Search screen from any home screen on iOS 9 and it is better than Spotlight on iOS 8. You can search for Sports scores, weather, stock prices, do calculations and quick call or message contacts without using Siri.


  • Smarter iPhone iOS 9 makes your iPhone even smarter and react to specific tasks and activities. It can startup the playlist when you plug-in headphones.


  • Apple Wallet Apple has removed Passport app in the iOS 9 and came up with a new app called as Wallet. The app can keep all your loyalty cards, gift cards, credit and debit card information.


  • Apple Notes Apple has added a new app, that has the abilities similar to the Evernote to sync your notes with iCloud. Now, you can sketch in Notes using a finger and also ability to add a photo. Now it is easier to access the notes from any where using any of your personal apple devices, be it mac, or ipad.


  • The new iOS 9 , has a more power ful Mail system, which allows drawing, comments or signature to attached photos and documents.