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NEW DELHI | To increase the strength of Future’s war and human less war the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has now started to make Robotic Soldier. If this research becomes successful then India will become in the special list of the country that are going forward in this technology.

DRDO Chief Avinash Chandra told – The soldier will made by this technology will have high level intelligence that can differentiate between friend and enemy. They can be placed at LOC or any other places wherever the situation is difficult to handle, so that we cannot have any loss.At start Robot Soldier will be helped by the human soldier.

According to Avinash Chandra – This technology will be first tested for the distinguish between enemy and to find the enemy. Slowly Robot soldier will posted at line of sight and human soldier will help them.

High exposure area like to diffuse bomb site area, firstly Robots will be used. Robotic Soldier is the next stage. They also added there will be lots of technology for conversatation between the team mates that will help them to recognise and distinguish enemy. But to reach this stage it will almost require a decade.There are five to six country that are researching in this technology but they did not establish Robot Soldier completely.