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New Delhi: Few months back, Apple initiated some EMI and cash back schemes for iPhone buyers. It worked magical for iPhone sales and boosted the sales of iphone to increase to 400%.

Earlier, before this scheme was launched, Apple had monthly sales of 70-80k monthly sales. Four months back, the Apple management studied the Indian market and came up with a EMI options where users didnt pay any extra money for buying the phone. 

On the contrast, there were some cashback option, which rushed many users to the iStores and other vendors to grab the offer. iPhone 4 and 4s were models for which Apple provided this scheme. It was advertised that users can take EMI options for 6 to 12 months without paying any interest. Within the month of launch of the phone, the monthly sales reached to 4 lakh handsets per month in India. As per the reports, the market share of iPhone in the month of jul-Sept '12 was 3.9%. It raised to 15.6% in the oct-dec '12 period.

The Apple offer, alarmed its Korean rival Samsung Mobile. They also came up with almost same scheme. Alongwith newpapers advertisements, they also had one fantastic commercial ad. This led to increase of the sales of their flagship model Note II. This scheme was followed by other rivals Nokia and Blackberry as well. These lucrative schemes makes it easier for users to buy their dream phone at the same cost.