new video games, crisis 3 release date
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crisis 3 release, new video games release

New video or computer based games set to release in the another two months, some of the best games released over the years are going to release new sequels, which is going to enthrall the users with more fun and entertainment.

Crisis 3:  The High end game with high graphics that will often shock your graphics card that defined high-end gaming hardware is back. Crisis 3 will bring back Prophet with a very cool nano shoot. This will back prophet back to new work after 24 years after the event of crisis 2 in 2047. Cursed with vision of future of for mankind prophet return to New York City to fight the corrupt cell corporation. The New York City has been converted like a tree jungle, remember the movie of will smith I am legend in which how the New York City was shown with roads with living jungle, same experience you will have in this movie.


God of war: Ascension Releasing on marcg 12.This game available only Sony play station 3, i.e. you need to have the console to play this game. The game is based on Greek mythology and the game play is combo-based combat using the player’s main weapon-the blades of chaos.

Bioshock: Infinite the highly popular first shoot game Bioshock: Infinite is to be released next month. This game is set in 1912, during the growth of the American Eceptionalism. You play Pinkerton agent named booker Dewitt and the game takes place in the fictional floating air city of Columbia to find a young girl, Elizabeth, who has been held captive there for last 12 years.


Tomb Raider This orginal tome raider babe is set to release on march 5. the reboot will explain the orgins of lara croft.