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My mobile, my bank, my wallet, NAMO urges youth to switch to e-banking, picture says the truth

The prime minister of India is seriously busy in promoting the UPI App, he shared an image promoting the Centre’s UPI app. He shared several images as well to use of e-wallets, credit and debit cards and Aadhaar-enabled payment systems. This is in effort to support my mobile, my wallet, my wallet

This is in the wake of the cash crunch the country faced, post the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. Looks like this is the correct time to push for such initiative, “My mobile...my bank...my wallet,” he said on Twitter. “The time has come for everyone, particularly my young friends, to embrace e-banking, mobile banking & more such technology.”


He also shared an image promoting the government’s United Payments Interface app as well as the use of e-wallets like SBI Buddy, credit and debit cards and Aadhaar-enabled payment systems.

Shared tweet to use more cards

How phones can become your wallet

The prime minister has been advocating the switch to mobile banking since he announced the Centre’s decision to scrap the high-value denomination currency. Maintaining that the move will help rid the country of black money and corruption, Modi has urged citizens to bear the hardship of a cash crunch till the December 30 deadline set to exchange or deposit the old notes at banks.