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rules to crack the Mysql interview for beginners having one to three years of exp

Mysql RDBMS is the most popular open source database used mainly with PHP and another online applications. It is an open source language which can be easily taken and can be used for the development of websites, with easy access and easy to code this can be handy while connecting and developing a small and large web application..

Cracking a interview can often be sometime complicated, but it is really a easy task to crack a Mysql interview.

We have set some basic rules and question with help from candidates who have real working knowledge to help candidates to crack a mysql interview with an experience of one to three experiences. Below we have covered only for Php.

Rules for the interview Preparation:-

  1. It is very important for a candidate having 1 to 3 years of exp to have knowledge of the basics of Mysql.
  2. Have some practice so that you can write some lines of code as well, like related to connection, joins specifically.
  3. Never be nervous, the interviewer will mostly test your basic knowledge and how you have implemented some of the projects
  4. Have an idea on the projects that you have done as the interviewer may be interested in that.
  5. Write only those things that you know in your resume.
  6. If you are going for a product development company and you have more knowledge in training in school, college or any training institute, avoid giving this information to the interviewer. As the interviewer may feel you have more of a theoretical knowledge then practical.
  7. Be polite and decent.
  8. Learn about the Mysql optimization techniques.
  9. Give more of the exact information then giving non necessary information.
  10. Try to be a good listener and must try answer the question even if you don’t have any idea.
  11. Learn the basics in Mysql like, connection, error handling, indexing, optimization technique.

Mysql Questions whose knowledge can be helpful:-

  1. what are the commands to Create, delete, alter Databases and tables
  2. How can you make Connection with database? can you write down some lines
  3. tell me more on Primary keys , index keys and foreign keys
  4. How you start designing tables as per the requirement
  5. difference between mysql_connect and mysql_pconnect
  6. what is Selection query
  7. how can you Optimize the queries with left and right join
  8. tell some information on the Aggregating functions like SUM and more
  9. how can you select the unique rows from a table
  10. how can you avoiding the duplicate rows
  11. Search in mysql table.

Keep reading us and following us we will come more on facing real interview question based on real experience.