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Samsung customer support, India - We have been hearing a lot of news of Note7 getting burst, and this news has defamed its reputation a lot in national and international market. To regain confidence of its huge customer base, Samsung has been always good in supporting its customers and has come up with new ideas always. The latest is idea related to mobile van services. We got below information from Samsung site -

Samsung has introduced new line of services for its users around India. Its named as Customer Delight services. With this they have introduced 535 service vans and have target to cover 6000 plus talukas all around India.  Customers were informed about these services on its online portal on 14th Oct 2016.

As per the current services provided by Samsung, it has 24 x 7 Customer call centre’s with remote assistance and live chat facility. To support this they have a team of 10,000+ expert engineers, who can provide face to face repairs. They also have R&D support centers in India.

Face to face feature sounds promising, as it can give window to the customer as to see the servicing is really done.

In addition to reach to maximum people they are now introducing Service vans. Which has 3000+ service points and coverage area in 6000 talukas?

Samsung has made easier for customers to memorize their Customer care number (1800 40 7267864).  Just remember 1800 40 then type alphabets SAMSUNG on your phone.

Customers can track their complains online and also log new complains. There is feature for service locator as well.

Samsung has given detailed information about this customer support initiative. Click here to know more details.

I have been using Samsung phone from last 6 years and I trust this brand more than any other brand in market. I hope these initiates help it regain its previous loyalty of customers. With this initiative it also tries to fullfull its theme of "Anytime, Everywhere".

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