Mobile, Samsung Galaxy 8: The Current year 2016, was one of the horrible year for Samsung devices especially the Note series. The company most publicized mobile phones Samsung Note 7 was recalled due to exploding of battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date: With coming New Year 2017, all at Samsung must be expecting a new sun rise of the Note series. The next in line Samsung Galaxy Note 8, is expected to be released this year 2017 as early as possible.

Samsung galaxy note 8 specs: The top 6 expected features from the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which you can expect are

Battery: As per recent rumors Samsung is expected to collaborate with LG Chem to supply batteries for the Galaxy Note 8.

Edge-to-Edge: Looks like after the assumed removal of bezel removed from iphone 8, it is rumored that Note 8 will come with edge to edge display, with 4K resolution and increased display size.

Improved Camera: It is expected to have more improvised camera in the 8 Note series of Galaxy Note. Something similar to dual-lens of Apple.

RAM end storage: Looks like OnePlus 3T have given all the mobile companies a second thought to increase their RAM size. In direct competition with the OnePlus series, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have 6 GB RAM and 128 GB Internal memory.

Upgraded S-Pen: The device would be coming with improved S-Pen stylus. There are rumors of speaker in the revamped S-Pen.

AI assistant: The devices is expected to be more improvised to Artificial Intelligence and learning. It will be capable of handling different languages. AI assistance in combination with  conversational language will be more efficient answers and results.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reborn after the death of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (2016), we expect something really cool and new with the new re-birth of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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