Google Pixel Device Issue: There are complains about the Google Pixel devices microphones. Many of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL device owners are complaining about some issues with the devices microphones and there are reports of the audio input is entirely disabled in some cases.

Currently, Google Pixel and Pixel XL are among the most popular Android device smartphones in the market. Still, there are multiple issues with the devices. Ever since the release, many issues were already reported including audio problems, unresponsiveness, Bluetooth connectivity issues, camera freezing and lens flaring and many.

Most recently issue affecting Google Pixel and Pixel XL is the smartphones microphones. The Google Support forum thread reveals serious microphone issues where it appears that many users are experiencing same inconvenience. Owners of the Google Pixel device are even taking it to Reddit for their complaints.

Google Pixel has three microphones, this issue, can most likely disable audio input altogether. The Possible causes for the Pixel and Pixel XL microphone issues may include a hairline crack in the microphone component soldering, or possibly a faulty microphone problem.

Google On it part says that both scenarios mentioned are exceptionally rare and affecting less than 1 percent of all Pixel and Pixel XL end users.

The microphone issue is found is likely to be a hardware issue. A software issue can be fixed with a software upgrade or a simple patch, But a hardware problem, requires repairing or replacing the handset. The microphone issues happen only once or twice.

Presently, Google has to identify the cause for the Pixel and Pixel XL microphone device issues. It has even advised that accidental drops could be a part of the blame for the device problems. As this is a hardware issue, Google has recommended that affected users may send in their defective devices in order to get a free replacement.

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