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six features you need to expect from the future Smartphone

As the mobile technology is exploding every day, a new Smartphone is being launched almost every day. however the specification remains almost same. smartphones possess smarter capabilities than mobile phones, providing then additional, now essential functions like web browsing, multimedia entertainment, games etc – much like mini-computers, only small enough to fit in your pocket. Still we can expect some timely and great new features that we can expect from the upcoming Smartphone market. Here are the list of features that we must expect from the Smartphone market.

  1. Foldable technology
  2. Waterproof technology
  3. Biometric security
  4. Voice control
  5. Faster OS
  6. 3D Screens & Holograms


Foldable technology: everyone wants to have a large phones or a phone which they can carry easily or put in the pocket easily. What would be great will be having a technology to fold the phone like paper.  Need not worry it technologist have already got one. Most of us  wants large screen to watch and play your favorite movies and games while maintaining a pocket size. Screens can be folded and unfolded, all thanks to Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology. This paper-thin screen can even project future-features-smart-phones/ from both sides of the screen, so you can show pictures or videos to your friend on one side while using the other as a control.

Waterproof technology: No more fear of accidentally dropping your phone into a water body! New waterproofing technology in upcoming Smartphone’s will be a superb feature.

While companies like P2i (Aridion), Liquipel, HzO (WaterBlock) have been providing this technology to phone manufacturing companies, the smartphones with this feature are yet to be launched. They are anticipated to be iPhone 7s, Samsung Galaxy S3s. Waterproofing is going to be a strong market differentiator.

Faster Os: With the advent of plethora of apps, the demand for faster and stronger operating system has raised. Android has already plunged into the opportunity and will be launching Android Nougat in the market soon. Currently, it\'s available on selected Motorola handsets only.

The best feature of this OS is capability to provide virtual reality experiences, multi-window view access for apps, multi language settings, doze mode for saving battery when phone is inactive and on the move and many more.

Biometric security: The time is coming when one no longer need to remember any alpha/numeric password. The reason being the feature called ‘Ocular Scanning’ or ‘Eye Vein Biometrics’, which will be enabled in the future smartphones. It is anticipated to be launched by 2018.

Technology company called EyeVerify is exploring the development of this feature, which according to them is thrice more secure than fingerprint ID, which already exists in today’s Smartphone like iPhone 5s, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 etc.

Voice Control: Since the launch of Siri’s speech recognition engine, the feature of voice control is gaining attention. Though the feature already exists in many mobile phones like iPhones, the development of advance voice control technology is still on and expected to hit the smartphone markets soon.

Seamless voice control combined with gestures are anticipated to bring interactivity of smartphones among users. That could be voice controls, which handle users’ commands of all types such as playing music, answering calls, booting app and other requests, enabling robotic elements into the phone’s personality.

3D Screens & Holograms: Smartphones may have already reached the peak for their screen resolution with Apple’s ‘Retina Display‘, which actually provides a resolution that is sharper than what the human eye can perceive. Yet, even then, we still want more. Mobile companies are now moving from 2D future-features-smart-phones/ to 3D future-features-smart-phones/ for the smartphone screen. At present, we have a couple of 3D smartphones in the market, such as the LG Optimus 3D, the Motorola MT810 as well as the very first Samsung AMOLED 3D. So what happens after 3D?