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Tagging in whatsApp group, how it is done?

Being popular and the most popular chat app, whatsApp. Today is being used by more then billion users across the world. And it has been constantly updating itself to be more relevant to the current technology and social reasons. This has made it to remain all the time popular across the world.

Recently it has released numerous features and its beta testers have recently spotted a new tagging feature showing up in group chats, like you can add @ayupp in the group chat. This feature is available for Android and iOS software but not yet for desktop app.

To tag someone in a group chats, simply enter @, followed by the name of the group member. User can choose a contact from the menu that shows up and also tag multiple contacts in a single message. The pop up box includes even those contacts which aren't saved in your phonebook but are part of the group, something like this can be seen in the facebook

In the recent months the company had introduced several other group-chat centric updates like the reply button and text formatting where users can involve in one-to-one chat even in group chats to avoid confusion amidst hundreds of messages.

Doesn’t look crisp; while reply button sounds more useful and practical, the tagging feature fail to prove its importance. It makes the chat look more confusing rather than lending it an organized look.

The reply button quotes the message and gives clearer view of who is talking to whom and about what, tagging feature does nothing more than just showing up your name when clicked, directs you to your Whatsapp profile page.

The feature seems to work even when you've muted the group chat which can be irritating at times because it kills the purpose of mute option.