The work culture and job market has been evolving over the years and one job in the market is giving birth to another job. In the 10 years there have many jobs which has evolved over time and it has really shaken the entire world.

Here is the list of 10 jobs that were not there before 10 years back

App Developer: This job appeared along with Apple’s iphone (2007) and Google Android (2008). There are now 6 million apps.

Social Media Manager: social media platforms created from the mid 2000 ledto this new role. To becme a Social media marketter you must have a good writing and scheduling post skills, running ads, replying to fans and creating graphics. most likely you need to be socially active over the social media.

Uber driver for ride-sharing companies started in 2009. In2015 there were 327,000 in US alone

Driverless car engineer: Autonomous cars dont need engineers, mechanics. they run own their own and actually this is going to be the future of cars.

Cloud computing specialist: Today half of US businesses use cloud services, a term first used in 2006.

Big Data analyst: large volumes of data as a result of growing computing power made this necessary.

Sustainability manager: Even companies outside the green sector now need to consider their environment impact.

YouTube Content creators: Video blogging became a career a few years YouTube started in 2005.

Millennial generational expert: with millennial coming of age, companies needed to understand how to engage with them.

Drone operators: There could be 100,000 new jobs in the drone market by 2025.

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