New Delhi: Today's common problems like increasing of cyber attack and account hack have become common problem. That's why your personal data could be stolen. So it is important to keep all your passwords safe that are difficult to hack. Next we are telling you about some things that you should keep in mind while keeping/generating a password.

  1. Do not create password with uppercase letter or lowercase letter only
    combining lowercase and uppercase letters can be a good idea to create a password. However, your password should never start with an uppercase letter. Also, do not make the first letter of your password capital.
  2. Short password
    Many times we keep our passwords short due to thought of forgetting which is our biggest mistake. The password must be kept at least 8 characters.
  3. Using a password in multiple accounts
    Many of us make a password for many accounts. If you are using the same password on more than one site then your account will be hacked because hackers will have to crack this password only once to access all of your accounts.
  4. Create a password in numbers and letters
    If you are also making your password your phone number or your name then be careful. This type of password may be hacked to your account. The easiest passwords in today's time are phone numbers and names. Do not forget to use only the number and name in your password by mistake.
  5. Special Characters: You can use special characters like $, &, *, % , this will make your password even more secure and hard to crack.

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