Technology News: The way whatsapp have evolved itself it is phenomenal. WhatsApp has become a common need of human being now. People have now become addictive to WhatsApp. Children, elderly, and almost everyone know how to use it, and more people have also started doing business with it. We can now make Video calls, audio calls for our day to day business purpose as well.

The important thing is that WhatsApp has been evolving over time and every now and then new features keeps on coming on this technology. Going ahead now Whatsapp is bringing more new features to make your work easier and helpful in doing transaction as well.

Let's know what are the new features of WhatsApp

Money Transfer feature of WhatsApp: This feature might start in a month Whatsapp is in the process of starting its instant payment service. So far, you are just chatting or chatting with Whatsapp, but you will also get the facility of payment on it soon. Now Whatsapp is going to start payment facility in India soon, after which you will be able to send money from your Whatsapp and make payments.

Whatsapp payment can start payment service in India through UPI in the next 6 months. To make money fast transfer through the app, WhatsApp is discussing with Indian banks and other institutions such as SBI and National Payment Corporation.

File sharing option

WhatsApp is adding a new feature to this app soon. This feature is being added to improve the users' sharing experience. Through this feature users will be able to share their contacts in all formats of file. This will work on both single contact and group. Right now you can share many types of formats through the document option, but in the coming time, it will support almost all formats.

After the arrival of this feature, users can share formats, such as PDFs, Word, Spreadsheets, and Slides, with all types of formats as well as groups and their contacts. At the moment Whatsapp is testing this feature. However, the company has not provided any information about how long this feature will be offered.

Altogether these new Apps of Whatsapp will make people's life more comfortable. People can transfer money while chatting at home and at the same time they will also be able to easily send a large file from Whatsapp, without needing to open a computer.

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