WhatApp - The new update of the messaging system brings many novelties for iPhone users, proposed with which they seek to maintain the preference of its millions of followers.

What? Do not you know what we're talking about? Well, do not despair, because here we bring you the complete list of changes.




The changes in the update, which have already been published on the company's official blog, include some interesting things like:

- The ability to send messages offline. This is great because you can write the message and "send it" even if you do not have a signal. Thus, the message will be kept on hold and will reach its destination as soon as you recover coverage. Great for those who travel a lot or always have some network problem.

- Redesign of the file management window: An interesting proposal for those who has a thousand things on the phone and continue to download many files every day. The new layout separates the files you download according to the contact that sent it to you, to allow quick searches in a multi-folder area.

- Now you can send more files: perhaps the news that most liked to iOS users, because the update allows sending up to 30 photos in a single blow. So that you no longer measure yourself when sending the images of the meeting, the reunion or the party.

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